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About Us

Inspiring drivers on their beautiful journey!

About Us


Mytaxicab is a user-friendly application for drivers to schedule their trips and boost their income without any commissions. Rates are fixed as per Government approved rates. Our driver partners have the complete freedom to work at their convenience and timings. Drivers can also book rides on behalf of their customers.

Unique Features
  • Subscription plan for drivers and commuters.
  • Self booking-any time, any location
  • Advance booking for outstation rides
  • No commissions and unwanted charges
  • All transactions with E-Bill Records.
  • 24/7 friendly customer care support
  • Training to kick start own business.
  • Refer and Earn
  • Customer Leads
  • Coupon
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Account Wallet
  • GST registration
  • Plan of trips
mytaxicab About Us

How Drivers Benefit With Us
  • Drivers can register into the application using their active mobile number.
  • The required documents
  • Drivers shall opt for the Subscription Plans provided.
  • Drivers shall be able to pick up customers on ride requests made by them with this taxi driver app.
  • Drivers shall receive OTP from the users before they pick-up rides.
  • Drivers will be able to use Google navigation to track and reach the destinations.
  • Drivers shall view their past and upcoming trips on the application .
  • Drivers shall share their trip invoices via email, whatsapp,etc.
  • Drivers shall view their summary/revenue in the application .
  • Drivers shall claim the GST returns.
  • Drivers shall earn points for referring another driver.
  • Drivers shall play the games provided through the application during their free time.

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Company Profile

What We Do?

RST Booking Private Ltd developed "Indian Taxis" and "MyTaxiCab" to provide two intuitive taxi applications with the latest technology and ensure that it is accessible to millions of drivers and commuters alike. Our aim is to provide quick, hassle free and excellent cab service to both drivers and users. The unique features of MyTaxiCab includes-

  • Monthly Subscription for Driver Partners
  • Government Fixed Charges
  • Flexible Payment Method
Our History

RST Booking Ltd was incorporated in January 2019 as a Private Limited Company with HeadQuarters set in Bangalore, India. Mr Raghavendra, the mastermind behind the incorporation of the company has 14 years of experience in the travel industry. He had his own travel agency by the name "Rs Travels" in Bangalore which made him well acquainted with the industry and its diverse requirements.

Mr.Raghavendra with his in-depth knowledge of the travel industry's business model and his good network with the all Indian Driver’s Association & unions made him aware of the issues faced by drivers working with MNC's like Ola Cabs and Uber. He did an analysis on the various changes and challenges in the travel industry and built smart mobility solutions to tackle the issues faced by both drivers and customers alike.

After years of careful research, involvement and interactions, the organization has released “facilitator application”. This application provides the best platform for drivers to become empowered entrepreneurs and the customers to opt- in for a Local solution aiming at making India Vocal. RST Booking Private Ltd developed two applications ‘ Indian Taxis and My Taxi Cab’ to provide an intuitive taxi application with the latest technology and ensure that it is accessible to millions of drivers and commuters alike.


Our aim is to provide a user-friendly platform for drivers to schedule their rides, boost their income and simplify their workload.


Our vision is to assist drivers to become empowered entrepreneurs and earn higher.

Why Chose Us


Always in search to provide the best

Spot Booking

My taxi cab also enables an additional feature to benefit the driver, where the driver can do the spot booking on the request of the passenger. In certain circumstances, the passenger does not need to use the Indian Taxi app they can request the driver and he can make spot and instant booking in My Taxi cab application. The driver can choose this option when he is idle and it will be an added advantage for the driver.

Government Approved Rates

Mytaxicab charges cab fares as per the rate fixed by the government according to the body style or category of the vehicle and depending upon the class of the vehicle. Fares or packages will not be charged more than the fare fixed by government.

NO Commission

Our aim is we don't charge a commission from drivers for the trips covered and there is a monthly fee subscription for the application used which is many ways better than paying a commission on every trip.

SOS For Drivers

In case of emergency or if the customer or driver is feeling unsafe they can click the SOS button in the application which is available for both customer and driver, the app directly sends an instant alert message to Admin Panel or Support team and Police Control Room which ensures safety and security.

Flexible Billing

My taxi cab provides a flexible billing option for the drivers where he can customize his trips and fix his commission as per the competitive price and generate the bill, where the amount paid will be directly credited to the driver wallet and no third-party is involved.

More Earnings

My taxi cab provides a user-friendly platform to the drivers where they can generate more income by customizing trips, generating bills and we don't charge any commission.


Easy & Fast - Book a car in seconds

Safe Ride
Safe Ride
More Earnings
Flexible Billing
Flexible Billing
No Commissions
No Commissions
More Earnings
More Earnings
Govt. Rates
Govt. Rates
More Earnings
More Earnings