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Price is fixed as per rate which is fixed by the government according to the style or body type of the vehicle, not more than that will be charged but drivers can allow discount on the rate as per the compitative price.
An invoice will be generated and provided by the driver to customer as per the distance travelled and rate accepted by both driver and customer. Payment will paid directly by the customer to driver – No third party involved.
No, for example – if you earn 1000/day you pay 20-30% as commission of Rs.200-300/day that is Rs.6000-9000 as commission for Rs3000 earned.
We are focusing on building your own business as per your convenience rather than working under others and paying more commission.


We provide application in which drivers can convert into business and be a businessmen rather than working under others, driver can provide quality of service and rate, No duty or rides is given by the application or company but drivers will be added in groups where they can find and share rides.
Driver has an accessibility for his past rides and money earned, Bill can be generated, Rate is charged as per the rate fixed by government – No bargain, SOS button for both driver and customer, More ride request pop-up from a particular location, No payment delay, spot booking can be done.
Rather than providing visiting card you can upload in your profile about your information, your quality of service, you can develop your business in a profile link form that can be sent to the customers to view driver’s profile to get in touch with same customers or to attract more customers.